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Sometimes you just need to talk. We are here to listen. Often we find our own solutions by talking to someone who is a good listener. Anything you tell us will stay with us. We keep your talk confidential.

If you are going to tell us illegal, violent, hateful or bad things, if you use foul language or cursing or use any inappropriate speech, we will not listen to you. We will ask you to stop talking like this. If you don't stop we will end the call at your expense.

Phone +41 77 443 5790 - WhatsApp
Email: peacemaker@tutamail.com

You can call us instantly 2 talk (English or German). Or call later / text us.

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Klaus Neuwirth

From Austria, born 1966
Economics, Pedagogics (Master)
Lots of Life Experience

Katharina Neuwirth

From Switzerland, born 1965
LTh Theology and Psychology
Lots of Life Experience


EUR 30 for 30 minutes, EUR 60 for 60 minutes. .. / as you can afford and want to bless.

Add reference "GS hy" and something connected to your message to ensure that we can bring together the corresponding message and payment.

  • Account: Klaus Neuwirth, Austria, LT35 3250 0472 6058 5334, BIC: REVOLT21
  • Instant Card payment with Stripe (ratings)

Once the money has arrived we will agree on a date and a time and send you options on how to talk to us. 

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